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What Roofing Contractors Do With Algae on Roof

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If you are looking to avoid dark stains appearing on your shingles
The hassle of repeatedly cleaning the roof, and worrying about damage from algae-induced deterioration of your roofing system, then an algae-resistant roofing shingle is the answer. If you are seeing these dark streaks indicating algae on your shingles, your first instinct may be to get your roof cleaned. Whenever you see these dark stripes growing on your roof, that is usually algae and moss you are seeing.

Algae and or moss will usually appear on the eastern facing of the roof, but it may appear on the other faces too depending on how much shade, heat, and humidity there is. Algae thrives on humidity, which is why you will see them more often on shady roofs or those with north facing slopes where there is not much direct sunlight. Liquid roofing does not leak because it is resistant to water, and is unaffected by moisture, rain, or extreme heat.

If your roof really needs replacing, your local roofer may suggest shingles with copper
Metal, or another material that helps to ward off algae growth. Owens Corning has developed a few excellent ones that contain a special, non-toxic formulation that suppresses the growth of algae, while not harming the environment around your house.

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These copper particles are strategically embedded in every single shingle itself, to make sure that your whole shingle roof is protected, and so the roof maintains a consistent color and appearance. According to experts in the asphalt shingle industry, the current algae-resistant roof granule technology has been effective at preventing the staining caused by microbes from occurring on the shingles of a rubber-based roofing system under actual climate conditions for periods in excess of 10 years.

According to experts from the Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association
Algae stains are hard, but not impossible, to eliminate. The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) recommends using a 50/50 solution of home-grade sodium hypochlorite (pool chlorine) and water to eliminate moss and algae. The US-based Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association specifies using a bleach-based cleaning solution, without using a power washer, to remove algae from the roof.

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Ideally, individuals could apply this solution from a secure ladder using a garden sprinkler, which would lightly saturate all parts of the roof. Once the roof is fully dry, we coat it with a roof rain weather stripper, which is also made of natural products, to prevent the algae from growing back. The roof then has a 2 year guarantee against regrowing algae, and when our Roof Rain sealant coat starts wearing down after 2 years — every other year — the Kelly Roofing Crew revisits your house and seals your tile roof again.

There are a number of products on the market for cleaning asphalt shingles, but many swear by the simple chlorine bleach solution, at the power of a clothes dryer, combined with water, as being the most cost-effective. When it comes to getting rid of moss or algae, or even just cleaning up simple debris from a lot of roofing materials, chemical washing is your best option. For most roofing materials (except highly durable metal panels), manufacturers and roof experts agree: using a power wash on the roof is a bad idea.

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Steel roofs are typically far more durable than conventional asphalt shingle roofs
They can likely survive high-pressure washing. The problem is, pitched roofs, particularly those on multiple-story homes, are quite hazardous to climb. For larger surfaces, the homeowner might need to put up boards to get better access up to the roof, taking extra care to avoid sliding off of the damp, slippery shingles. On the one hand, steeper roofs are less likely to accumulate leaves and other debris, which trap moisture on the shingles and encourage moss and algae growth.

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Importance of a Property Land Survey

A property survey involves a property surveyor visiting the land to perform field surveying
This professionals specialty is in researching the land regarding any conditions or restrictions and plotting the results on a map. If you are planning on buying a home or another type of property it is important to hire a surveyor to visit the land and confirm its boundaries as well as identify any other conditions or restrictions that may exist. This involves the main process of looking for any existing easements, rights-of-way, encroachments, and boundary lines that could affect your property in some way.

Surveyor provides a complete and accurate description of the property’s boundaries. This includes legal boundary details that define your property lines in comparison to the land surveyor’s findings. Property surveys go beyond just looking at the boundaries of the property, as they also review existing markers or records data that can provide a map of the area.

A boundary survey is conducted to determine legal boundaries of the surveyed area
This procedure is often used to recover lost property corners and establish new boundaries. This involves a licensed surveyor setting markers to indicate the boundaries, as well as producing a detailed plat map that includes improvements such as fences, buildings or other structures in or around the property. The date of the map can also be used to detect any potential encroachments from neighbors that may have occurred after that date.

A Property Survey is an important document that is used to lay out property boundaries and includes a title search
This determines who owns the land. It shows geological features, dimensions, and other improvements on the land. A professional surveyor will conduct a survey of the property based on a search of documents such as deeds, wills and other documents that record the ownership and size of a given piece of land.

The survey documents will reveal the lands ownership as well as any encroachments from neighbors crossing over the property line. The surveyor’s search also includes a detailed survey of the edges, lines and dimensions of the property which will include an updated deed for legal purposes. This information can also help identify any possible legal issues that may be involved in buying or selling real estate.

A property survey helps to check the property’s zoning classification
Using a property survey is important for many reasons, including to gain legal access to your deed, give a survey to someone else if you plan on selling your property, and avoid a lawsuit by knowing the correct boundary lines before beginning construction. It can also give confidence when following restrictions on using someone else’s deed.

A professional chartered property surveyor will be able to identify any issues that might come up when building your home or making renovations. A property survey is important if you are looking to sell your land, as it can be used by potential buyers to make sure they are getting what they pay for. If you are looking to purchase a property, it is important to obtain a land survey before completing your due diligence and making a very costly mistake. It could also help you identify problems with existing structures or encroachments on someone else’s land.